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“The intuitive user interface of the software developed by Swiss IT-Factory convinced us right away.”

Marco Cellere, Project Manager at the Cellere Group

Simple processes

Software users operate in a familiar setting and draft evaluations according to their own company specifications. The use of customer-specific terminology also facilitates software use.

User navigation is simple and intuitive. The fact that the software can be learned in two to three hours allows you to avoid time-consuming and costly training programmes. Moreover, software users are allowed to work productively from the outset.

All processes involving external partners are simplified because the software solutions are based on SAP. In the areas of IT support, HR recruitment and revision, in particular, service providers are often already familiar with the system.

Tailor-made solutions

More than 5’000 workers already use the software product by Swiss IT-Factory. The Cellere road construction and civil engineering company, with its nine offices throughout German- and Italian-speaking Switzerland, also selected this solution. The company was won over by the intuitive user navigation.

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