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The integrated representation of all building processes enables thorough and efficient controlling.

Roland Dubach, CEO Bau / CFO , Anliker

Data security is our highest priority. The solution offered by Swiss IT-Factory won us over.

Sascha Spasovski, CIO, Cablex

Maximum security

Our comprehensive solutions are based on SAP and Oracle. This makes databases and applications robust and inaccessible to unauthorised parties.

In the case of outsourcing, all data records are stored in two redundantly arranged data centres.

Guaranteed data availability

The longest single-track railway bridge in Switzerland is being built in Zurich. The Letzigraben Bridge is a part of Zurich’s Diameter Line and is expected to go into operation – after seven years of construction – at the end of 2015. Both Implenia and Cablex work with software by Swiss IT-Factory.

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