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“We now use the same software for construction administration, finance and human resources. This allows us to save time and to direct our attention to our core business, which is building!”

Thomas Lüdin, CEO, Stamm Bau

Future expandability

Our all-in-one software solutions keep pace with the organisational developments of our customers. The system is scalable: new users, facilities and affiliates can be easily added at minimal expense.

Thanks to the global expansion of SAP, internationally active companies profit from automated adaptations to other languages and standards of accounting.

Expandable process sequences take account of the specific needs of institutional clients (e.g. public sector companies) and the situation-specific deployment of special machines.

Switzerland’s largest development department for comprehensive IT solutions in the area of construction, general contracting and real estate keeps the software continuously abreast of the latest developments.

More time thanks to the right software product

Stamm Bau AG unifies more than ten business units under a single roof. From construction management, masonry and plaster work to facade and wood construction, this long-established company offers a wide range of services from a single provider. All of the company’s units work with software by Swiss IT-Factory.

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