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Using Augmented Technology, you are on the cutting edge with 3D-models, 360 degrees videos, pictures and all object informations for your stakeholders. Exchange parts and elements of the object, just one click away.

Scan texts and images, easing and speeding the process of searching and exchanging information.

Visualize models on site
Display detailed information from your model
Report the state of the building and share info with the database (bi-directional)
Change between different views of the model:

    • Building Design
    • Electricity system
    • Plumbing system
    • Infrastructure

Navigate inside the models with ease, allowing you to interact with the smallest details found within a 3D model.

Using OCR (Optical character recognition) and Augmented Reality, detect texts in different surfaces, for an easy way to input data.

Swipe the pictures below, to see the different function within the app

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