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All-in-one software

Whenever high performance is the key to successful project completion.

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Mobile solutions

Access your central database at any time and from any location.

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The comprehensive software solution for
construction, real-estate and general contracting companies

Our mobile all-in-one software package maximises transparency and increases your control at every link in the value chain while at the same time taking account of all of your business and support processes. This simplifies process optimisation, facilitates effective planning and lowers IT costs.

Five good reasons for a software change:

  • Precise analyses in real time

    Your data are recorded locally and made available in real time to all of your employees globally via a central database. Thanks to precise analyses and forecasts, you retain an overview at all times.

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  • Go-live in record time: only six months from the start of the project to the implementation of the all-in-one software solution.
  • Greater economic efficiency
    with lower IT costs

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  • A convincing argument: up to 30% lower IT costs thanks to all-in-one software solution.
  • Customized environment and
    convenient implementation

    Our software adapts itself to your processes.
    The information you need is always just a click away.

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  • An average of two hours of training are sufficient to enable your employees to work productively.
  • Future expandability

    Scalability, module diversity, high rates of innovation and short development cycles ensure your ability to adapt to changing demands.

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  • More than 3,500 users around the world work with the Swiss IT-Factory all-in-one software solution.



  • Maximum security

    Your data are administered in one of the most secure data centres in Switzerland – inaccessible to unauthorised parties, physically indestructible and conveniently traceable throughout all phases.

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  • Guaranteed data availability, at any time and at any location.

    Guaranteed data availability, at any time and at any location

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